Tibetan Trader was founded in 1982 while Jennifer Read was living in Kathmandu, Nepal. During her travels in Nepal and Tibet, Jennifer established a deep admiration for the people and the culture of the Himalayas. The woman pictured above is the inspiration for our company name - Tibetan Trader.

Tibetan Trader provides sustainable work for a group of talented craftsmen in the Kathmandu valley ranging from the tailors who craft our clothes to the weavers that generate our fabrics. We work directly with local weavers and their family-owned workshops in order to design the fabrics that you see in our clothes. Many of our fabrics are hand-woven and we are proud to offer organic cottons and hemp-cotton blends in our line.

We are proud to offer both a Wholesale line to retailers interested in carrying Tibetan Trader merchandise as well as our own limited Retail collection. Please take a look around, and let us know how we can help you.